Master Driver Trainer

Welcome and thank you for looking up our page. We hope you will read the short information list we have put together so you may grasp WITH BOTH HANDS  the wonderful new comprehensive formula, we have put together to ensure you have the advantage of not just a driver trainer
The ADTA-Q has after several years of planning come up with the “Master Driver Trainer” Project.
WHAT MAKES a “Master Driver Trainer” each driver trainer will have been individually assessed usually conducted over a time frame of at least one month or more, by independent assessments and approved by the ADTA-Q committee to the following standards
  • Their road law knowledge (of in depth questions) 
  • On road driving ability and defensive driving techniques and demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of road rules/signs/markings   (A practical driving assessment Conducted over approximately 1hour, on the road in a driving school car)
  • One on one in car training capabilities for all ages (30 minute in car assessment of training abilities and a practical demonstration of the use of training tools)including the safe and competent use of dual controls
  • Overall knowledge of the driver training industry is demonstrated
  • Meet 21 prerequisites above and beyond the requirements of Queensland Transport. Listed HERE
Our aim is to work with the Government of the day, Queensland Transport, RACQ, KEYS2Drive, Carrs Q, and other likeminded organisations associated with the improvement of road safety.
To achieve and maintain higher standards for all driver trainers, which in turn will provide a safer more informative, professional, and efficient method of training practices for all concerned.
Why Go Public
To gain a higher profile and recognition with the general public and within the Industry to demonstrate what the ADTA-Q is achieving with this revolutionary project, and we wish all who may be involved one way or another to participate and gain from our new and professionally exciting concept.
Master Driver Trainers will be easily identified by our very prominent logo as displayed above.
This logo has been trademarked and remains the sole property of the ADTA-Q and only members of the ADTA-Q who have been recognised and endorsed by the ADTA-Q committee are qualified and allowed to train as “Master Driver Trainers” (The Masters of their Profession)